Quick Belay #1 READ

READ- I was lost with no clue how to stop the spinning thoughts in my brain. Each day I began looking up an article topic that I thought applied to my situation. Each time hoping that one would feel like an answer to how I was supposed to get out of this mess. In the end I never found that answer, but I did find a tremendous amount of resources that helped give me some insight into what I was experiencing. Be very open-minded with your searches. You may think that articles about losing your job is what you need, but in the end you are relating more to articles about rejection. If you come across a term you do not really recognize in an article, search it. The more you can grow the vocabulary associated with your experience, the better you will be able to pinpoint it. Enjoy where that journey takes you. It could go from professional sites to ones on psychology, parenting, mindfulness, or even hobby based sites for surfing enthusiasts. Reading anything is better than letting your mind wander on its own right now, so trust your instincts. Also fun tip- be ready when all these searches start changing the suggested articles and products being advertised on your normal web pages. Nothing more fun then when your amazon page starts reminding you daily about the thing that is bothering you the most. “No I don’t need a private investigator Google!!”….or do I? In the universe of trolling and people being able to share hateful opinions about cute cat videos, surprisingly the most helpful input was from the comments section. Many people shared their stories, impressions, advice. It gave me a point of reference for my feelings. It also gave me a very unique perspective. I could see the current states of the people who had lived through what I was living. Some were so bitter, defeated, fighting their reality,refusing to accept their situation, filled with an anger that had consumed them. A few others had found some element of understanding, a productive perspective, a mild sense of peace. It was possible. We have a choice. A choice on how we want to live and who we want to be on the other side of change.

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