Quick Belay #2- in Memoriam Dire Straits

Experiencing change positive or negative is a five senses experience. Although smell is perhaps the sense most linked with memory, music became very pivotal to me during this time. Music historically can be a foundational element of building relationships and then can also equally be forever linked to their downfall. Each of us has certain songs that can make our heart flutter from a memory with a loved one. (Thank you Otis Redding!) We also have ones that hit us so hard they make us want to drop to one knee. (Damn you Otis Redding!) It became apparent to me during this time, that if I allowed certain artists or songs to become the soundtrack to this experience, there was a decent chance I would never want to listen to them again. This was a calculated risk based on the time I had to get a colonoscopy (yes we are going there). Colon cancer has a history in my family so I was being screened early during a blessed time with health insurance. When you reach that monumental threshold in life, surprisingly you get a choice. Before the exam you need to completely flush your system the night before. This happens by you drinking essentially a gallon of prescribed laxative in 1 minute intervals (the proctologist’s power hour). You will eventually be running, albeit with very short steps, back and forth throughout your house. Much to my surprise, the prescription you have to mix with the water comes with a variety of flavor packets. You can delightfully choose to bomb your intestines in cherry, grape, orange, lemon, or pina colada. I was about to go with my staple of cherry when I took a pause. A sudden rush of uncertainty filled me- as opposed to the sudden rush that was about to certainly unfill me. I had no idea how this was going to change my opinion of cherry. From lollipops, to icees, gatorades, etc it was too risky. In the end (pun intended), I said aloha (also means goodbye) to pina colada. I felt good about my choice and on vacation I pleasantly enjoy daiquiris. I used the same logic in this life crisis. I stayed away from my staples. There was no way I was going to lose Stevie, Bruce, or Dylan to this. (although Dylan actually held his own). Certain bands were also doomed, for better or for worse, to be sacrificed in this. Music that I enjoyed enough, but in the end I could live without. Good bye Dire Straits. You were money for nothin’, and your band name perfectly captured my situation.

You were a bargain vinyl.

A solid find.

Unfortunately for both of us

You came at a bad time.

I don’t feel like a sultan.

Definitely have no swing.

You will do for a few weeks,

But the trash will be your thing.

Have to be honest-

‘Romeo and Juliet’ was a bit much.

Although for certain moments,

It came through in the clutch.

“That ain’t workin that’s the way you do it”

You once famously said.

Sorry to see you go,

But you saved the Talking Heads.

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